Our Move-in/Out Cleaning Makes for a Better Moving
Experience [infographic]

When you are in the process of moving, the last thing you need to worry about is getting your new and your former place cleaned. At April’s Cleaning Services, we want to help take this cumbersome chore off your to-do list with move-in/out cleaning services. If you are in the process of moving, here are a few reasons why you will want to consider this option.

Our Move-in/Out Cleaning Makes for a Better Moving Experience [infographic]

• Saves you time. When you are going through the process of moving, your time is very limited. Having move-in/out cleaning taken care of saves you loads of time at a time when you are already overwhelmed.

• Helps renters with security deposits. Sub-standard cleaning means that landlords will retain part of your security deposit for repairs and cleaning. If you have our experienced professionals come clean, you are much more likely to get your security deposit back!

• Better for your health. When moving into a new place, you often don’t know the health of the former occupants. Having move-in cleaning completed ensures a clean, disinfected space that is ready and waiting!

• Lessens the stress of moving. Moving is stressful! When someone else is able to clean and disinfect both your old and new place, you are able to focus on the move, not stress over when you’ll have the time to clean.

• We have a full-service guarantee. If you are unhappy with our services or feel that we didn’t do a good job- let us know! We are more than happy to come back and fix any issues you might have.

• Streamlines the moving process. Rather than worrying about what cleaning supplies you’ll need to pack with you, we take care of the cleaning for you! This means you can pack up all your supplies and still move into a clean, fresh place.

• No more forgotten items. Have you ever forgotten something during a move? With move-in/out cleaning, we can look through the space and notify you left something behind in a closet or cupboard.

• Enjoyable efficiency. Move-in/out cleaning makes the move so much more efficient and enjoyable. There’s no time lost on your part and no products to find or leave behind in the moving process.

If you have questions about move-in/out cleaning, please contact us here at April’s Cleaning Services today!