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Spring is not the only time your home might need a little TLC. The changes in weather or festivities of a holiday are always a good excuse to hire someone for seasonal cleaning. At April’s Cleaning Services, we can help you refresh your space each season.

hire someone for seasonal cleaning

•  Spring– Let’s start with the obvious. Spring is a time for rebirth, and that goes for your home as well. While you start decluttering and adding to your donation pile, we can freshen things up by washing the windows, dusting the blinds, and vacuuming every square inch of your home. This will prevent any allergens that could sneak up on you this time of year.

•  Summer– Don’t spend your time cleaning when you can be out enjoying your summer. Leave it to the professionals, and allow yourself time to relax! If you like to entertain for the Fourth of July, you can schedule your seasonal cleaning to take place before you have company. Summertime is also a time for travel, and nothing is worse than coming back to a messy house after a long vacation. Welcome yourself home with spotless bathrooms, fresh linens, mopped floors, or all of the above. There are so many reasons to treat yourself to a deep clean each summer.

•  Fall– While you start to swap out your wardrobe, autumn is the time to prepare your home for the holidays. We can start with wiping down the walls, vacuuming under the furniture, and dusting any spaces you plan to use for holiday décor. Fall is also good time for us to deep clean your stove, oven, and refrigerator, making them ready for the holiday meals you love to prepare.

•  Winter– Pack up your Christmas tree and start the new year with a freshly cleaned home. Your winter seasonal cleaning can help you steer clear of a winter cold or flu. We can sanitize all surfaces in your home to keep the germs at bay.