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April and her crew have always gone out of their way to accommodate my crazy lifestyle. They are your go-to ladies to get the job done.

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Winter is here! With your busy holiday schedule, let April’s Cleaning Services help take some of the weight off your shoulders. Whether you're prepping for a holiday party or just need a helping hand, contact us today for your first service and we’ll give you $60 off! 

Our normal or regular house cleaning services consist of:

  • Clean all cabinet exteriors
  • Disinfect and wipe off countertops (remove anything in the way and replace back in its original spot)
  • Disinfect and clean the sink
  • Clean the exteriors of appliances and microwave interior
  • Clean any stainless steel with a general stainless steel cleaner
  • Mop and dry the flooring
  • Mop and dry the pantry floor
  • Dust baseboards, chair rails, window sills, and panel doors
  • Get rid of any cobwebs


  • Wipe exterior cabinets
  • Clean the mirror
  • Wipe panel doors and baseboards clean
  • Disinfect/clean the countertops and sink
  • Clean the showers and tubs with Soft Scrub
  • Use a bleach product where necessary to kill mildew
  • Clean and disinfect the toilets and wipe the base/back with Pine-Sol
  • Remove trash
  • Dust blinds/shutters
  • Dust the ceiling fans, light fixtures, lampshades, baseboards, chair rails, panel doors, and more
  • Get rid of cobwebs
  • Wipe down the inside and outside of all sliding glass doors, mirrors, and glass top tables using a general window cleaner
  • Clean all surfaces with a slightly damp cloth
  • Collect trash throughout the house
  • Tidy up the beds and bedrooms
  • Vacuum the carpets with our commercial Orrick vacuum using hypo-allergenic rags
  • Mop and dry flooring and supply Murphy’s Oil for hardwoods
  • Vacuum the middle floor area of walk-in closets
  • Disinfect light switches and door knobs

Living areas

Laundry room

  • Disinfect and clean the sink
  • Wipe and clean the top of the washer & dryer
  • Collect trash
  • Vacuum or mop the floor
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*First time clients only