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There are so many things to do when you move, your head might start to spin just thinking about it! To make your upcoming move a little bit easier, we’ve put together a checklist to follow of things you shouldn’t forget to do.

Don’t Forget to Do These 9 Things Before Your Move [infographic]

  1. Pick up items from the dry cleaners/repair shops—Do you have anything waiting for pick-up at the dry cleaner, tailor, or repair shop? Make sure you pick up your stuff before you move!
  2. Collect your personal records—Compile all your personal records at least a few weeks before you move. These should include prescription lists from your pharmacy, records from your doctor and veterinarian, your children’s school records, etc.
  3. Update your address and contact info—Make sure your relatives, utility companies, landlord, and others have a copy of your new address. You should also update your address on your pets’ tags.
  4. Register your address change—Even though so much communication is done via the internet these days, you should still register your new address with the post office.
  5. Don’t pack the garage door opener—Don’t leave the garage door opener behind, or else the next people who live in your home won’t be able to use the garage! Get it out of your glove compartment or your bag and leave on the kitchen counter before you go.
  6. Cancel local memberships—Return all your library books and cancel any memberships you have with a gym or local clubs.
  7. Clean up after the movers leave—After the movers take out all your belongings, do a once-over of your home to make sure you didn’t accidentally leave something behind.
  8. Pack an essentials box—Put together a box or suitcase of things you’ll need quick access to after you move. This can include things like your phone chargers, medications, your coffee maker, basic toiletries, etc.
  9. Hire a move out cleaner—Moving is stressful, so after doing everything you need to do to prepare, you’ll probably be too worn out to even think of cleaning your old place. Instead of taking this on yourself, leave it to us at April’s Cleaning Services!