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With our cleaning services, we are committed to excellence with every job.

Looking for professional cleaning services? At April’s Cleaning Services, we provide the crew managers, detailed checklists, and trained home-cleaning professionals; you determine the frequency of the visits and the amount of cleaning we do! With our cleaning services, we are committed to excellence with every job, whether it’s your condo, starter home, family-filled residence, or large estate. You can let our team take it from here!

With our cleaning services, we are committed to excellence with every job.

We offer a variety of cleaning services to ensure that your needs and wants are met. Some of our cleaning services include:

  • House CleaningWe will take care of the cleaning of your home as though it were our own. We want your home to be a clean and comfortable place to return to at the end of the day. Some of the services that we offer for house cleaning include dusting baseboards, window ledges and ceiling fans (within reach); dusting furniture, furniture legs and pictures; vacuuming all carpeted areas and rugs; cleaning mirrors and glass furniture; dusting and mopping hardwood floors; cleaning and disinfecting bathroom surfaces; wiping down kitchen appliances and counters; cleaning the microwave, sink and floor; making beds; and cleaning the laundry room floor. Don’t see what you need on this list? Don’t worry- we also have specialty house cleaning services available upon request.
  • Move-in/Move-out CleaningMoving is stressful enough! There’s no need to add on the extra stressor of cleaning as well. When you have our team at April’s Cleaning Services take care of your move-in/move-out cleaning, we will ensure that everything is up to our high standards of cleanliness. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about keeping your cleaning supplies out in order to clean after a long day of moving.
  • Reoccurring CleaningIf you are looking to get your home in a consistently tidy fashion, then reoccurring cleaning is what you need! We can do as much or as little as you would like on a more consistent and regular basis, to ensure that a clean home is never too far from reach. These services are perfect for busy working individuals, parents of small children or pets, or anyone who has frequent visitors, but that’s not all. Really anyone who likes a tidy, clean house will enjoy this type of service!

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Our residential cleaning services include:

  • Kitchen
    • Clean all cabinet exteriors
    • Disinfect and wipe off countertops (remove anything in the way and replace back in its original spot)
    • Disinfect and clean the sink
    • Clean the exteriors of appliances and microwave interior
    • Clean any stainless steel with a general stainless steel cleaner
    • Mop and dry the flooring
    • Mop and dry the pantry floor
    • Dust baseboards, chair rails, window sills, and panel doors
    • Get rid of any cobwebs
  • Bathroom
    • Wipe exterior cabinets
    • Clean the mirror
    • Wipe panel doors and baseboards clean
    • Disinfect/clean the countertops and sink
    • Clean the showers and tubs with Soft Scrub
    • Use a bleach product where necessary to kill mildew
    • Clean and disinfect the toilets and wipe the base/back with Pine-Sol
    • Remove trash
    • Dust blinds/shutters
  • Living areas
    • Dust the ceiling fans, light fixtures, lampshades, baseboards, chair rails, panel doors, and more
    • Get rid of cobwebs
    • Wipe down the inside and outside of all sliding glass doors, mirrors, and glass top tables using a general window cleaner
    • Clean all surfaces with a slightly damp cloth
    • Collect trash throughout the house
    • Tidy up the beds and bedrooms
    • Vacuum the carpets with our commercial Orrick vacuum using hypo-allergenic rags
    • Mop and dry flooring and supply Murphy’s Oil for hardwoods
    • Vacuum the middle floor area of walk-in closets
    • Disinfect light switches and door knobs
  • Laundry room
    • Disinfect and clean the sink
    • Wipe and clean the top of the washer & dryer
    • Collect trash
    • Vacuum or mop the floor

We offer an abundance of options for residential cleaning of all types throughout the Triangle. In fact, we customize our services to your needs – you determine the frequency of visits and amount of cleaning we do. Our team takes it from there, providing crew managers, detailed checklists, trained and experience home cleaning professionals, and a commitment to excellence.

We offer an abundance of options for residential cleaning of all types throughout the Triangle.

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A clean home is a healthy home!

Prevent Cold & Flus

If you are looking for cleaning services, we here at April’s Cleaning services have several different choices that will work for you. To learn more about our cleaning services, please give us a call today.

At April’s Cleaning Services, we offer cleaning services in Apex, Holly Springs, Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, and Garner, North Carolina.

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