Clear the Clutter with Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning has long been a tradition at the conclusion of winter as days are becoming longer and warmer. Yet where did this tradition originate from? And why? Part of it stems from cultural and religious traditions, as well as human biology.

Clear the Clutter with Spring Cleaning

Examples of spring cleaning in religious and cultural traditions include Jewish, Christian, and Persian customs. The reasons behind these customs include:

  • Jewish spring cleaning traditions stem from Passover. Prior to Passover, the home is cleaned, and all yeast is removed.
  • The purpose of Catholic spring cleaning is to clean the altar prior to Good Friday, which is typically in March or April. Those of the Greek Orthodox belief clean their homes thoroughly for the entire week prior to Lent.
  • Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is celebrated in Iran. Part of the thirteen-day celebration includes cleaning the home.
  • Spring cleaning was popularized in America due to an effort to halt the spread of disease. With the introduction of quality disinfectant products, a deep clean was available like never before. Today, cleaning companies can provide a high-quality deep clean for your spring cleaning and health.

These religious and cultural practices may stem from human biology. During winter months, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to deep clean. Yet as days get warmer and longer, we feel energized due to melatonin and have a renewed determination to have a clean living environment. We also desire to declutter and remove excessive items we have failed to throw out during the cold winter months.

Hiring a professional cleaning service can ensure that you receive a high-quality spring cleaning. Contact us today at April’s Cleaning Services to learn more or schedule your spring cleaning appointment.