Get a Fresh Start with a Move-in
Clean! [infographic]

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When you are looking to make a change, a new home is a great way to make a fresh start. Whether you are moving across the country or just across town, some people are realizing that their work-from-home jobs mean that they can choose to live almost anywhere, and many are moving accordingly. Here at April’s Cleaning Services, we recommend that each fresh start is fresh AND clean with a move-in cleaning service. Here are a few things that you can look forward to with a move-in cleaning service.

Get a Fresh Start with a Move-in Clean! [infographic]

  • Move-in cleaning leaves no worries about what the previous renter/owner left behind. Finding other people’s messes in your space can feel very invasive. With a move-in clean, you don’t have to worry about living with someone else’s leftover germs, dirt, and dust.
  • Move-in cleaning will save you loads of time. Cleaning a space from top to bottom, even when that space is empty, is going to take time– likely time that you don’t have. A move-in cleaning service is well worth the time that you will save.
  • Move-in cleaning allows you to focus on the move– which can be stressful! Even moves you are excited about can be stressful. Knowing that you aren’t going to have to worry about cleaning a space before you can move in will help you focus on your move.
  • Move-in cleaning helps alert you to any potential issues beforehand. If there was a large stain under the couch or one of the toilets isn’t working, the move-in cleaning crew can alert you to these issues before you move in. This will give you time to resolve them.
  • Move-in cleaning is easier. While cleaning experts are used to moving around furniture, they work most efficiently when there is nothing obstructing their methods. This lets you enjoy an efficiently cleaned space.
  • Move-in cleaning makes the unpacking process easier. If you have ever wished the previous tenants did a better job cleaning out the fridge before you had to pack in your perishables, then you know what we mean! Unpacking is easier and more enjoyable when it is in a thoroughly cleaned space.
  • Move-in cleaning is a relief for allergy sufferers! If you suffer from allergies, then moving can be extra stressful. A move-in clean can help rid your new space of pet hair, dander, dirt, dust and other allergens that trigger issues.
  • Move-in cleaning can be customized to your liking. A move-in clean usually follows a checklist, but can be tailored to your needs. Some people really prefer certain cleaning products, for example, and we are happy to accommodate you.

If you have questions about move-in cleaning services, we would love to discuss them further with you. Please give us a call today to learn more!