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By the time you are done assembling, taping, and labeling boxes; disassembling your technology setup and other things; hefting things out the apartment and down the stairs; packing; and gathering your children for pizza dinners over and over, we know that you are PRETTY DONE with the whole moving process. And then, just when you feel like it’s time to breathe easy and the last closet has been emptied, it hits– move-out cleaning is next.

Move-Out Cleaning Can Bring a Breath of Fresh Air to Moving Chaos

By this point, you may not even know where all of your cleaning stuff went – even though you taped off the cupboard under the sink not to be packed, someone charitably assisting you probably found their way in there anyway. Now how are you supposed to get your move-out cleaning done? After all the eating out and moving expenses themselves, you could really use that entire one-month’s-rent-worth of a deposit back as wholly as possible right now.

Here at April’s Cleaning Services, we can give you a two-hour window up to two-days in advance for move-out cleaning services, which will only cost you about $150 and save you a whole lot of stress – not to mention your deposit. If you find there’s anything that we’ve missed, you won’t have to pick up the slack with our 100% guarantee. Give us a call today for your move-out cleaning and get a well-earned break you know you deserve! Our team of three cleaners will show up on schedule with a checklist to double-check all of your cleaning requests. We’ll make sure to meet not only your standards, but our own for delivering the best cleaning service you can find.