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There was a time when people thought the traditional family involved a husband as the “bread-winner” and a wife who stayed at home raising the children and maintaining the household. Today, women represent nearly 50% of all workers in the United States, and roughly 10 million businesses are owned by women. What is even more startling is that in approximately 40% of households with children, the mother is the primary or sole wage-earner, which is quite a change from the 11% figure in the 1960s. When you consider that a huge percentage of mothers are employed full-time, it makes sense that there needs to be some adjustments for maintaining the household.

many reasons to justify the cost for reoccurring cleaning

Hiring reoccurring cleaning services is less stressful than fighting over who is going to do the housework when both parents are spending the largest part of their day away from the home. It can be challenging to find a good life-work balance with many occupations as it is, so delegating the housework to a professional so you can have more time to relax, spend time with the family, or even get some extra sleep makes a lot of sense.

There are many reasons to justify the cost for reoccurring cleaning, and it is easy enough to tailor the services to match your budget and needs. Whether you go with a weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or seasonal service, you will find that any amount of assistance helps making juggling career and family less taxing and stressful. It is common to think you should be able to handle it all, but the reality is that coming home to a freshly cleaned home is far more rewarding.

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