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We all have that friend or family member who we love to spend time with, but usually do our best to meet them anywhere but their home. If you feel uncomfortable visiting a messy person, you could give them a gift designed to help them out and make it so you’ll be happy to stop in and see them. That makes it a gift for you, too! Here are the top gifts for a messy person this holiday season.

doesn’t have the time to handle house cleaning

  1. House Cleaning Services – Whether you spring for a one-time deep cleaning or reoccurring maid service, your gift will be well-received by someone who just doesn’t have the time to handle house cleaning. Sometimes a person can get overwhelmed, and all they need is the inspiration of a clean house to be motivated to keep it that way.
  2. Robots – Although there aren’t any robots for dusting, washing dishes, and doing laundry (yet!), there are some incredible floor cleaning robots available that vacuum and mop. A messy person will soon find that they need to keep the house a bit tidier for the robot to do its job, so that can help encourage the gift recipient to be a tad less messy.
  3. Organizers – It is fine to say, “A place for everything and everything in its place”, but without proper organization, that place cannot be found, and clutter ensues. The gift of a shoe rack, bookcase, storage chest, or jewelry case will be appreciated.
  4. Personalized – Consider the biggest issue that the gift recipient has and provide the solution. For example, a wall-mounted key holder is perfect for someone who constantly misplaces their keys. Another house cleaning tip is to get them a nice mat for the front door to reduce tracked-in debris.

If you would like to go with the first suggestion on the list, give us a call at April’s Cleaning Services. We’d be happy to help you surprise someone you care about this holiday season with a deep cleaning that can put them on the road to a tidier home. It may not transform them into a “neat freak”, but you’ll have at least a window of time in which you can comfortably visit them! It’s worth a try, right? House cleaning services are a great gift for non-messy people too! Call today with any questions you may have.