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A spring cleaning ritual is one that many people take part in for the great feeling of knowing the home is refreshed after being closed up for the winter. However, there are many other situations during the year in which you might want to consider professional cleaning. Here are a few examples of seasonal cleaning that you might not have thought of.

seasonal cleaning professional can come to the rescue

1.  Outdoor Living Spaces – Cleaning the outdoor furniture before it goes into storage or when it comes out of storage for use again in the spring can be an arduous, yet necessary task. You might also want some help getting your outdoor living space ready for summer entertaining.

2.  Vacation Home – If you have a vacation home, you want to spend your time there relaxing, not cleaning. Hiring seasonal cleaning professionals to clean your home before you arrive and after you leave is a great way to get the most from your vacation.

3.  Prank Cleanup – Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good the treats are that you give out on Halloween– some kid (or even an adult with an odd sense of humor) may decide to “trick” you instead. If you are facing toilet paper all over the yard or other messes, a seasonal cleaning professional can come to the rescue. Even if they don’t do the outdoor cleanup, they can handle a cleaning inside to free up your time to deal with the outside mess.

4.  Party – It is always great fun to host a party, especially an outdoor cookout! If the only thing you despise is cleaning up afterward, call on a seasonal cleaning professional for some help. It can also be helpful to call after holiday gatherings.

Here at April’s Cleaning Services in Apex, North Carolina, we understand that every season of the year brings times when your home needs a bit of extra attention that you might not have the time, energy, or desire to take care of yourself. Call on us, and we’ll provide the seasonal cleaning services that will make a huge difference. We send a 3-person team, including an on-site manager, equipped with a checklist to be certain everything you want done has been accomplished, and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if we miss something, just call, and we’ll come back and take care of it. Call today with any questions you may have.