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If you know someone who is moving to a new home and you are wondering what to get them as a housewarming gift, consider that the one thing they lack more than just about anything is enough time to handle the move. Even if they are hiring a moving company to handle the bulk of the backbreaking work, they’ll still find themselves overwhelmed with packing, arranging utility turn-on/off, changing their address with various entities, and hundreds of other tasks. If you arrange with a cleaning service to handle move-in/out cleaning, you’ll make their day!

arrange with a cleaning service to handle move-in/out cleaning

With moving, there is usually the need to clean both the new residence and the old one. By arranging for move-in/out cleaning that takes care of both, you’ll free up their time considerably and lower their stress level. Of course, you can do just one or the other if that’s all that is needed. One side benefit is that they’ll be able to pack away their cleaning supplies, vacuum, broom, and other items along with their other household belongings rather than leave them for the last minute and run the risk of leaving them behind.

Another thing to consider is cleaning services leading up to moving day and following moving day. It can be challenging to deal with packing and unpacking, which create messes of their own, while still trying to keep a home clean.

If you would like to help a friend or family member by arranging move-in/out cleaning for them, give us a call at April’s Cleaning Services. Since 1993, we have helped hundreds of families have less stressful moves in the Apex, North Carolina area. Our services are 100% guaranteed! Call today to learn more.