What is Included in Move-In/Out Cleaning Services?

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One of the hardest parts of moving is the cleaning once everything is packed and ready to go. With all your belongings out of the house, it’s easier to recognize just how much cleaning will need to be done to make the house presentable again for the new tenant. Also, you might think that you’re off the hook for cleaning the house you’re moving into, but there’s no easy guarantee that the past tenant or owner left it entirely spotless and safe. That’s why our move-in/out cleaning services are so important.

What is Included in Move-In/Out Cleaning Services?

Here’s what our move-in/out cleaning services typically include.

  • Disinfection: Even if your new home appears to be perfectly clean on the surface, it can give you greater comfort knowing that it has been fully disinfected on every single surface and area of the home with our move-in/out cleaning services. We can also perform additional sweeping, vacuuming, wiping down, etc. to ensure the best cleaning quality for your new home.
  • Sparkling clean: A clean home is always much better for the market and makes things easier for staging. That’s why we work hard to leave a sparkling clean home with our move-in/out cleaning services, so you can have that extra appeal of a clean home and sell it more quickly and easier than a dirty home.
  • Nothing left behind: During our move-in/out cleaning services, we always make sure to cover all the bases, including cleaning under and behind the appliances and furniture or inside the cabinets. While we complete this detailed cleaning, we will also look for and take note of anything we find left behind, so your items can make their way back to you before you finish your move.

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