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The changing of seasons is a great time to think about some extra cleaning projects around your home. At April’s Cleaning Services, we are happy to help you with the extra work that these involve or take care of your regular household cleaning items to free you up to tackle the ones you enjoy doing. Here are a few of the bigger projects along with the best time of year to clean them.

Cleaning Tips for Spring, Summer, and Winter

  • Window Treatments – Spring: Over the winter when your home is dry, your draperies and screens can tend to collect extra dust. Check labels on your window treatments to see if they can be machine washed or if they’ll need professional attention. Clean all screens so you get only fresh air flowing in, not a cloud of dust.
  • Pillows – All Seasons: Since most pillows are machine washable, be sure to include them in laundry day two to four times a year or even more often if you prefer to keep them smelling fresh and free of bacteria. While you are at it, vacuum and flip the mattress.
  • Carpeting – Any Time: You can deep clean the carpeting any time of the year, but be sure to have it done at least once a year. More often isn’t a bad idea for a healthy home and indoor air quality concerns.
  • Walls & Baseboards – Any Time: Walls and baseboards can take a real beating, resulting in scuff marks and built-up dust if they aren’t cleaned regularly. If they’ve been missed, tackle them by putting them on your seasonal cleaning checklist. It is a good time to tackle trim and door/window frames too.
  • Windows – Spring and Summer: The only time you really don’t want to clean the windows is during the winter when it is far too cold to be dealing with it.
  • Microwave & Oven – As Needed: Spills and messes in the microwave or oven can adversely affect flavors of things you cook, so be sure to keep these clean by adding them to your seasonal checklist and giving them attention whenever there has been a spill.
  • Chandeliers & Lighting – Winter: It is never great to have dust hampering illumination, but you might find it extra important to take care of it in the winter when there is already less natural light. It doesn’t hurt to put it on your spring and summer seasonal cleaning checklist too.