Move-In Clean, Morrisville, NC

Enjoy a fresh, clean start with our move-in clean service!

Moving is stressful, no doubt about it! Even if you are looking forward to the change, you might find yourself swamped with paperwork, boxes, and lists of things to accomplish before the big day. Once you arrive at your new place, anxious to unpack, it can be worrisome to feel like you are living with someone else’s germs, especially if there are obvious signs that they did not clean carefully before moving out. Here at April’s Cleaning Services, we want your fresh start to be a fresh and clean start in the Morrisville, North Carolina area, and we invite you to contact us today about our move-in clean services.

Move-In Clean in Morrisville, North Carolina

Move-in clean services are a great stress-reliever for the majority of people who are in the process of moving. Whether your new place is large or small, our team of experts can clean it all! Our move-in clean team comes with 3 highly efficient and skilled cleaning experts as well as a site manager. We carefully follow a move-in clean checklist to ensure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. This level of professionalism and cleaning isn’t something that you can get from just any service, and we pride ourselves on a job well done.

Get a Fresh Start with a Move-in Clean! [infographic]

When you are moving, move-in clean services are a great way to protect yourself from problems that can arise from the stress of moving. Whether it is catching a cold or suddenly realizing that the last occupant had a pet that you are allergic to, move-in clean services can help give you a fresh start. For information about these and any of our other services, we invite you to contact us today at April’s Cleaning Services.

FAQs About Our Move-In Clean Services

Our team at April’s Cleaning Services wants to help you make the moving process as smooth and easy as possible, and to do that, we offer top-notch move-in cleaning services. We have received many questions about these services over the years, and in this article, we will go over a few of the most frequent examples to help you know what to expect.

What are move-in clean services?

A move-in clean is just what it sounds like: one-off cleaning services to get your new home ready before you move in. Our team will take care of everything, including cleaning the floors, walls, molding, appliances, bathroom fixtures, and more, to ensure that your new home is spotless by the time you arrive.

Why should I get a move-in clean? Don’t the old tenants have to clean the place before they go?

There are several reasons why we encourage you to make use of our move-in clean services. First, there’s the chance that your standards of cleanliness may be higher than those of the tenants who are leaving, which could result in you entering your new home only to find the place dirty. Second, even if the former tenants do a thorough job cleaning the property before they go, you may not be moving in directly after they have left. In other words, your new home could have been lying vacant for enough time that new dust has settled. Either way, our team will give your new home the deep cleaning it needs to ensure that it is immaculate from top to bottom before you arrive.

At April’s Cleaning Services, we offer move-in cleaning services in Apex, Holly Springs, Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, and Garner, North Carolina.