What You’ll Find on Our Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

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Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be saved only for the springtime. Afterall, the house will be filled with dust, dirt, grime, and more during summer, fall, and winter too. That’s why we offer our seasonal cleaning services for every season of the year.

What You’ll Find on Our Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

Here is what you can find on our seasonal cleaning checklist:

  • Spring: When we do our seasonal cleaning in the springtime, we focus on the dirt and dust that collected over the winter months and remove any allergens and pollen that might be coming in with those fresh spring blossoms. On our checklist, we include dusting, baseboard cleaning, wiping down the fan blades, and more to prepare your house to be clean and allergen-free for the spring and summer.
  • Summer: Our seasonal cleaning in the summer will cover all the surfaces that you will need to rely on for keeping your cool throughout the upcoming hot months. This includes windows, windowsills, blinds, fans, air conditioners, the fridge, and the freezer.
  • Fall: We know that fall and winter are the prime times for colds and allergies. That’s why we always include common touchpoints throughout the house like door handles, light switches, window sills, doors, under the beds, and other common spots for germs to collect in our seasonal cleaning in the fall.
  • Winter: Winter is the busiest season and when you spend the most time inside the house. That’s why we focus our winter seasonal cleaning around all the areas you’ll use frequently or for your holiday parties. These include the stove, microwave, dishwasher, banisters, and flooring.

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